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By Isa A. Alsup 13 Mar 2010


This gizmo is for use with multi-layer (also known as multi-pass) rendered CGI.  It allows artist to merge up to 7 layers with the RGB layer.  All layers are in the same stream.

Layers include three standard masks: occlusion, shadow and dirt. These masks are used with a multiply node to adjust subject color (the main RGB layer).  Other four layers are designated as extra texture, specular, reflection, and extra.  Some of the non-mask layers are before the masks and some after.

User settings include specifying the layer names and other useful controls.  The layer designations "specular", "reflection", "shadow" work within a fixed node structure but may be substituted with other layers.  All layers are optional.

Widget Help:
This widget will combine standard CG layers with a minimum set of controls.
User may set color for occlusion, shadow and dirt masks.
Specular and reflection layers may be mixed in.
Additional filtering and color correction may be done on the layers upstream.
Specular is on by default. Other layers may be enabled as needed.
Extra layers are providesd at bottom and top of the stack. e top layer has ability to adjust alpha.

By Isa A. Alsup  13 Mar 2010


Ever do a job on one machine or in one folder structure, only to end up with it anme in a new location, with all your assets broken?   This widget supplies a simple mechanism to define a base path.  Artist then references this variable in any Read, Write or other I/O node.  Multiple base paths can be defined if necessary.    Inspired by a Nuke tutorial and two weeks in Mumbai relinking assets hundreds of times.

Widget Help

Use this node to define a base path to assets on your network.  After defining a base path, usen I/O nodes like READ and WRITE.

To use, enter this text in filename fields:
[value NODE_NAME.path]/......
Note the word "value" is essential.

If you change the node name or use more than one assets node,use the correct node name when referencing.